Day 1 – The roads of Sussex

I wasn’t in any state for a long ride this morning, having worked late and had four hours sleep last night. Today’s ride was 14 miles on the roads of my beautiful home county, Sussex.

The ride today took me out of Brighton over Devil’s Dyke and then through Woodmancote, Henfield, Shermanbury and Cowfold, until I met a friend a bit past Bolney. I can still remember the first time I tried to cycle Devil’s Dyke; I almost passed out. I’ve also done it on a hangover with similarly dire consequences. It felt good to do the whole thing in one go today.

Some conclusions from today’s ride…

Things I like about cycling on the roads of Sussex:

  • The views. Oh the views! Going over Devils Dyke you can see rolling green hills, a view across Brighton, and the sparkling sea. I honestly don’t think life gets much better than reaching the top of a hill on your bike and being greeted by a stunning view.
  • Other cyclists. Being a Saturday, I saw lots of other cyclists out on the roads today. I get a warm little feeling saying ‘hello’ to them as they pass (even if they ignore me). I’ve been helped out several times by friendly cyclists too, in particular back when I first started riding and didn’t know how to fix a puncture…
  • The hills. Quote me on that when I commit an entire post to how much my legs ache after a particularly hilly ride.

Things I dislike about cycling on the roads of Sussex:

  • Potholes. Last week I was nearly chucked off my bike by a particularly massive hole in the road.
  • Roadkill. Today I saw one dead fox, one dead badger, and two dead rabbits :-(

I’ll leave it at that for Day 1. Bring on the next 29…