Ready for Winter…sort of.

On Wednesday I took Claud to the bike shop for some new tires. Now I should explain that my ‘local’ bike shop is actually 8 miles or so down the road in Lewes, because 1) they are the best, and 2) I just love to make things difficult for myself.

I had accidentally left my main bike lights at my parents house, and decided that riding the whole way there in the dark would not be a good idea. So I put some (not very good) back up lights on my bike and set off to get the train. Having ridden to the station, and bought a ticket, I was told by Mr Southern Rail that I couldn’t board the train with a bicycle. Apparently you can’t do that between 4 and 7pm. I shall save a rant on that subject for another day..

So, wearing a tshirt dress and a woolly hat (I hadn’t anticipated cycling far) I set off to the shop on the only truly reliable mode of transport: my bicycle.

It was cold, I got oil on my tights and I couldn’t see very much, but I got there on my own steam with no ‘can I see your railcard?’ or ‘feet off the seats!’.

After my trip to the shop, Claud is ready for Winter. And having been on a bit of a Winter wardrobe splurge myself, I think I can just about say that I am too. Now if only it would stop raining…

Future Cycles, Lewes