Introducing Annie.

Claud has a girlfriend! And you must promise not to tell him, but I’m totally crushing on her too…

Her name is Annie. She’s a Raleigh single-speed conversion built up by Matt at Future Cycles. And she is lovely.

Just chilling in the hallway

Today we rode to the printers, and to the post office to post some bike art. Underneath my big red scarf (which matches the colour of Annie’s frame perfectly, I should add) was hidden my huge grin. I felt like an excited child at Christmas with a new toy.

First trip into Brighton


Don’t worry…Claud will still be ridden lots and lots. The single-speed will just be used about town, without having to worry about clippy shoes and all that jazz. I’ve fashioned the perfect bag for carrying prints back from the printers, and for taking parcels to the post office. So the likelihood is, if you buy anything from the shop, it will have started it’s journey on a ride with Annie.