The Blog

Claud & I was started to mark my adventures over the course of September 2012′s round of 30 Days of Biking. Claud was the name of my first road bike and you can read a bit more about him in my first blog post.


I’m a girl who rides bikes and sometimes writes about it. My job(s)* involve bike stuff too, but this is just for fun.

*if you’re interested: www.velocitycyclewear.cc

Product Reviews

Some of the things I review are sent to me by the people who make/sell them, and some of them are things I have bought myself.

Whether I’ve bought the item or been given it, I promise to always give it an honest review. There is sometimes an expectation that if you’re being sent something for free (how nice!) then you have to give it a ‘good’ review. Well, I guess I’m just not that nice. Everyone benefits from honesty in the long run.