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Monday morning: a rude awakening by my iPhone’s alarming alarm -  it’s 6am and there’s a coffee machine across town waiting for me.  Shower, tea, porridge, pants (hot off the radiator), jeans, the top t-shirt in the clean t-shirt pile. Socks. Chuck things into a musette, clip keys on to belt loop, lace up trainers, throw on jacket. Scruffle the cat’s head and yell “see you later” to the sofa, grabbing Annie by the handlebars on my way out the door.

It takes me 8 and a half minutes to get to work on this bike if I turn the corner before the number 7 bus does and time it right with the lights at the bottom of the hill. I can see my imaginary line drawn down the length of the hill, it skirts around the holes, bumps and the slippery-as-hell metal man-hole covers.

Road turns in to cycle path and every little bend is known like the back of my hand, probably better – who actually studies their hands? Avoid that pothole, go left around the tree on the bit where the lane goes narrow (otherwise you hit people going the other way), assume time trial position for 5 seconds where the low hanging leaves smack the faces of cyclists less familiar with the route.

Slow down just a tiny bit so that I catch the green man without putting my foot down.

Sharp left in to work – wave at the gardener – jump off bike – find bike lock keys.

Today Annie’s company in the staff-bike-bit is a tiny bike with stabilisers. I have no idea who it belongs to. Later there will be a fixie, a BMX and a hybrid joining the party. I wonder what they’d say if they could have a conversation.

A busy day, the happy kind of tired, weary legs. My bike is just where I left her, and she spins me back home.

It isn’t Epic – it’s barely a ride, but these moments bookend my days, and I’d go mad without them.




Introducing Annie.

Claud has a girlfriend! And you must promise not to tell him, but I’m totally crushing on her too…

Her name is Annie. She’s a Raleigh single-speed conversion built up by Matt at Future Cycles. And she is lovely.

Just chilling in the hallway

Today we rode to the printers, and to the post office to post some bike art. Underneath my big red scarf (which matches the colour of Annie’s frame perfectly, I should add) was hidden my huge grin. I felt like an excited child at Christmas with a new toy.

First trip into Brighton


Don’t worry…Claud will still be ridden lots and lots. The single-speed will just be used about town, without having to worry about clippy shoes and all that jazz. I’ve fashioned the perfect bag for carrying prints back from the printers, and for taking parcels to the post office. So the likelihood is, if you buy anything from the shop, it will have started it’s journey on a ride with Annie.


Ready for Winter…sort of.

On Wednesday I took Claud to the bike shop for some new tires. Now I should explain that my ‘local’ bike shop is actually 8 miles or so down the road in Lewes, because 1) they are the best, and 2) I just love to make things difficult for myself.

I had accidentally left my main bike lights at my parents house, and decided that riding the whole way there in the dark would not be a good idea. So I put some (not very good) back up lights on my bike and set off to get the train. Having ridden to the station, and bought a ticket, I was told by Mr Southern Rail that I couldn’t board the train with a bicycle. Apparently you can’t do that between 4 and 7pm. I shall save a rant on that subject for another day..

So, wearing a tshirt dress and a woolly hat (I hadn’t anticipated cycling far) I set off to the shop on the only truly reliable mode of transport: my bicycle.

It was cold, I got oil on my tights and I couldn’t see very much, but I got there on my own steam with no ‘can I see your railcard?’ or ‘feet off the seats!’.

After my trip to the shop, Claud is ready for Winter. And having been on a bit of a Winter wardrobe splurge myself, I think I can just about say that I am too. Now if only it would stop raining…

Future Cycles, Lewes