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The best thing ever.

When I set off with Claud this morning it was dim and damp, but by the time I was half way through my journey it had turned into the most beautiful of November days.  I cycled from my home in Brighton to Uckfield, with a quick coffee stop to see a friend in Lewes. I got rather muddy cycling down the country roads (mud guards are now on my shopping list), but that’s all part of the fun I suppose.

I’d not been in the best of moods, and had started the day by sleeping through my alarm and leaving the house in a massive rush. But by the time I’d done a few miles, all was forgotten.

It is my honest opinion that if all days started with a bike ride and several cups of excellent coffee, nobody would ever be sad. If only we could throw out all the watches and clocks and deadlines and rules so that all we had to worry about was getting home before the sun sets.

Do you want to know what the best thing ever is?

- Riding a bike.

Ride a bike.

Cycling brings an exhilarating sense of freedom and self-mastery as well as a very enjoyable sense of not spending money. You coast through the city, in it but not of it, living it and not controlled by it. On buses and trains you are sitting targets for the advertising hoardings. On a bike you can simply sail past them. People cite ‘danger’ as a reason to avoid cycling, but this is a pathetic excuse… So what if there’s a little danger in your life? That’s good. Wake up!

The Freedom Manifesto, Tom Hodgkinson.