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REVIEW – Giro Monica Gloves


Giro say that the Monica is the most full-featured glove in their range; designed for high-performance and high-mileage riders. I’ve worn them out on a couple of 50+ mile road rides, and haven’t been disappointed by their performance. The gloves retail at £34.99, and I was a little worried I might be paying for all style and no substance – but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I wont lie, the thing that attracted me to these gloves was how damn good they look. And the fact they match my shoes. I love the mixture of black ‘lace’ and leather. Bad ass? I think so.

Before getting these gloves, I’d been riding either in my SealSkinz Winter gloves (far too hot) or some fingerless merino gloves with no padding. After a long ride in the unpadded gloves I ended up with really painful hands, and a very odd pins & needles sensation running through my palms. Clearly I was in need of some decent summer gloves – and these from Giro fit the bill. The upper part of the glove is a lace-effect mesh, which lets your hands breath, and the palms have a number of well placed micro-gel pads which take the pressure off. I have a size medium pair, and they fit perfectly. The fit is tight, which is comfortable, but means they are a bit tricky to take off.

Overall, these look and feel like a pair of high quality gloves, and they have been comfy and breathable on long rides.

What I like most about them

The way they look and the incredibly comfy padding on the palm.

What I like least about them

That I can’t be lazy and throw them in the washing machine with everything else: they’re hand-wash only.

The details:

Price: £34.99

Material: Pittards® vented leather palm, mesh upper, microfiber wiping surface

Colour: black and dark pink/purple (available in other colours)

Wet weather and wobbles…

Today I bit the bullet as I decided to finally get over my self and road-test the new shoe/pedal combo. I have joked liberally about falling off due to said shoes/pedals but this is all an elaborate cover for the fact that I was genuinely petrified of my first ride wearing ‘clippy’ shoes.

My lovely shiny black & plum Giro shoes have been sat beside my bed for almost a fortnight now. They have been much admired, used as a coffee cup holder, sniffed, etc….but before this morning had yet to make it out of the front door. Being the cautious soul (there’s a shoe joke in there somewhere) that I am, I first attempted the clip in/out movement whilst sat on my bike in the lounge, with my flatmate holding the bike in case of disaster. Turns out this is quite a difficult exercise, which just makes you more nervous, and it is better just to harden up and get on with it.

The pretty new shoes before being worn outside

So, this morning I donned my cleated footwear and clip clopped down the road to start my journey on the flat seafront. Readying myself for embarrassment in front of the homeless chaps sat on the bench beside me, I got on the bike and….clip, clip…..success! Off I rode. I even managed the first 12 miles without so much as a wobble.

Flooded roads

I did have one moment where I almost didn’t unclip in time and thought I might go over, but I avoided disaster.

Of course it was a rather wet morning, and I got completely soaked, along with my shoes. Next thing on the seemingly endless shopping list that comes with this new love of mine: overshoes.

Sheltering in Steyning

My beautiful shoes after 20 miles

After not very long I had decided I was never going back to cycling in dodgy trainers. In contrast to what I’d anticipated, I actually felt more secure and confident with the new pedals, not less so. I could push harder on the hills, I didn’t have to worry about my feet slipping off the pedals in the rain (that’s happened to me plenty in the past) and I knew my feet weren’t going to move out of the right position.

On top of all that, I totally look like I know what I’m doing now. Until I fall off ;-)