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Lights, camera, cycle.

Another Saturday, and another friend visiting Brighton. This time it was the rather wonderful Sabrina, who is a whizz with a camera, as well as being the only person I know who likes her latte as much as me.

Claud loves the camera..

We drank lots of coffee, rode through town and took some photographs. The photos are for a specific use which will soon be revealed (oooh!).

We ended up on the seafront just as the sun was setting. Beautiful, beautiful Brighton.

The Money Shot! (c) Sabrina Greenberg

Points of view.

One of my favourite things about riding a bicycle is the landscape which I get to explore. Beautiful Sussex is mine for the taking. On two wheels it all seems more real, more close somehow.

So here is a collection of views from my saddle over the last few months. Enjoy.


I wanted to share these gorgeous panorama photos from Saturday’s ride. Click them to view in full, as they’re much more impressive that way!

(You can read about the ride from guest blogger George, here.)

All photos by Cameron Cooke (taken on his precious iPhone 5)